Converting bitmaps to C arrays on a Mac

Like Piarduano, BitmapToC is a simple Mac OS X app to speed up some Arduino projects.
It converts .bmp images to C arrays you can use for, for example the TVout libary and LCD’s. Similar tools are already available for Windows, but not for Mac. So I wrote one myself.

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Piarduano for OS X: create music for Arduino’s

For another project I needed to make an Arduino Uno play music using a buzzer. I wrote a sketch that was in my opinion a nice solution, and I was able to make the Uno play some simple music.
But when I tried to replicate the Super Mario Bros tune, it became apparent how time consuming it would be to compose many songs and sound effects manually. Writing the notes and time intervals in an array the sketch would iterate trough already took quite a while, but the endless adjusting afterwards wasn’t worth the effort.
So I tried to think of a solution.

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Making a custom Arduino and how to program it

You could buy a new Arduino Uno for every project you do, but that would be rather expensive and not very efficient. An Uno has lots of hardware you might not need.
Instead, you could use your Uno only for prototyping, and build your own custom Arduino for the actual product.
To me, it was a lot easier than I imagined.

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