Note: the App Store links no longer work as I have quit iOS development. However, I am working to get Bluetooth Serial and Bluetooth Serial Pro back on the App Store through someone else's developer account.


iOS 9 / FREE
Eaze is a free and open source Cleanflight Configurator for iOS. It allows you to set up and tune your flight controller wirelessly using the cheap HM10 BLE module. Source code is available on GitHub, and here is a tutorial on using Eaze.

Bluetooth Serial Pro

iOS 9 / $3.99
With this app you can control, test and debug projects that incorporate the HM10 Bluetooth UART module (or similar ones). It is fully customizable to suit your project's requirements.

Bluetooth Serial

iOS 9 / FREE
A very simple app to test and debug your HM10 projects. Source code is available on GitHub.


iOS 8 / FREE
Morseboard adds multiple types of Morse code keyboards (including an iambic keyer) to your iOS device. It can be customized to suit your keying speed and preferences.

LiPo watch

iOS 7 / FREE
A simple yet effective tool to track your Lithium Polymer batteries.


iOS 7 / FREE
This app emulates the Enigma encrypting machines used in the second world war. It supports the both the three-rotor and four-rotor Enigma I/M3/M4 types.


iOS 7 / FREE
A lightwheight tool to track your income and expenses. Minimal setup needed.
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