The V-22 Osprey VTOL V2 – Now with plans! (Updated with footage)

A few months back I wrote about the V-22 Osprey VTOL aircraft I built out of depron. Now, behold! Here is my new and improved version, the V-22 V2. This time I did the effort to scan the plans and go a little more in-depth about the design.

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RC VTOL V22 Osprey

Edit: The second version is finished, and plans have been made available: The V22 V2.

This is a brief overview of the first version of my RC V22 Osprey VTOL project. It flew very well in hover flight, but the wings were too small to make it stable in forward flight. I’ve already made a new set of wings, but the tilt servo’s are out of stock. The second first flight will have to wait.

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